Acuit Pinpoint

Acuit Pinpoint delivers integrated QA tracking for appliance manufacturing along every step of your production line. From component scanning to defect tracking, and from visual inspections to automated testing, Acuit Pinpoint will ensure every unit meets each QA requirement. Production statistics and the complete history for every unit is at your fingertips.

Centralized Data and Control

Acuit Pinpoint Server is the heart of Acuit Pinpoint, managing all information and process workflow for the manufacturing lines in your plant and the units they produce. Having one central controller makes administration easy and ensures that workflow rules are always enforced as units are processed, passing through the various points on the line.

Web-based Management

Acuit Pinpoint Server provides a web-based interface for configuring Acuit Pinpoint and accessing your production and quality data from anywhere on your plant network, or remotely via your VPN. Access to various functions can be controlled via configurable user and group lists.

Customized Workstations on the Assembly Line

Acuit Pinpoint Workstation runs at each station on the assembly line where units are scanned for tracking any kind of information, whether manned by an operator or automated. What each station does is up to you and how you configure your workflow. It connects to Acuit Pinpoint Server so that all aspects of the line and unit data are tracked in one place. Acuit Pinpoint Workstation gathers and communicates information by connecting to devices such as:

Component Verification

Workstations can be configured to verify that the correct parts or assemblies are being installed into each unit, along with tracking details such as part numbers, serial numbers, and/or date codes. This complete history allows for easy handling of vendor part recalls.

Defect Tracking

Workstations can record and track defects against units, identified via various methods, including by manual or automated inspection methods. All defects must be “repaired” for a unit before it is considered “good.”


Buyoffs are checks that must be performed on a unit and explicitly set as “bought off” before it is considered “good.” Buyoffs can be set manually by a worker or automatically by an automated process.


Tests are manual or automatic procedures that are performed to verify the correctness of some aspect of a unit. Tests can be performed by an operator or by an automatic process.

Complete Unit History

The complete history of each unit is recorded as the unit is produced. Each action performed against a unit is recorded against a particular worker, station, and shift. The complete unit history can be viewed from each Acuit Pinpoint Workstation after scanning a unit, or it can be viewed from the web interface by searching for units in the production history.


Acuit Pinpoint supports tracking of assemblies before they are installed into a serialized unit, including tracking of all checks, such as component verification, defects, buyoffs, and tests.

Interlocks and Final Checks

Various interlocks can be configured so that when something required was not done at an earlier station, it can cause an alarm or prevent a unit from proceeding. A final station at each line can perform a final check on each unit, ensuring all requirements have been met and that no outstanding problems exist.


As each shift is started, the worker at the station can be recorded via a worker log-in (for example, by scanning a badge). Worker lists can be configured and assigned to groups, which can be used to authorize various privileges.

Production Schedules

Production schedules can be imported into Acuit Pinpoint to closely control and monitor what units are processed by Acuit Pinpoint. These schedules can be manually imported via the web interface, or Acuit Pinpoint can be configured to automatically import production schedules generated by automatic back-end processes.

Flexible Bar Code Handling

Acuit Pinpoint supports a variety of bar code scanners and bar code formats, including two-dimensional bar codes (such as Data Matrix), and unit model and serial numbers can be extracted from raw bar codes in almost any layout.

Alerts and Notifications

Workstations can alert upon various conditions via configurable sounds or attached light stacks, which can optionally include an audible alarm module. Different sounds can be configured for stations in close proximity. Supervisors and administrators can receive various notifications via email.

Spanish Localization

The Acuit Pinpoint Server web interface and the Acuit Pinpoint Workstation software can be freely switched between English and Spanish.


Acuit Pinpoint provides very flexible customization options, either via centralized Acuit Pinpoint Server plug-ins that run on the server, or via Acuit Pinpoint Workstation plug-ins that run on the workstation.

Flexible Licensing

Flexible licensing options are available for the following Acuit Pinpoint software to support your specific needs:

Acuit also offers the following hardware products that integrate with your Acuit Pinpoint system:

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